mardi 16 septembre 2014

Ptite Robe Noire

Pour la rentrée, de nouveaux modèles de Ptites Robes Noires. A venir découvrir et comme toujours nous sommes ouverts tous les jours même le dimanche et jusqu'à 21h30.

Un tissus doux et une coupe qui met en valeur votre silhouette.

A très vite.

Interview of Ms Leigh Hickombottom

Leigh Hickombottom was born in the state of Mississippi and raised in Texas. Currently she lives in Florida and planted roots there. Fitness is her area of interest and passion. Fitness is a way of life for Leigh, and maintaining her weight and physique are an important part of that lifestyle. Leigh aids different charities who have made it their mission to help those in need. Leigh has been featured in magazines such and Oxygen and Muscular Development. Leigh has also written and published 2 books on weight loss and fitness, “Logistics of Leanness” and “Logistics of Leanness Defined”. In these books she share keys from her success on how to achieve your desired weight loss for good by using the power of the mind. Leigh also writes regular articles on her blog, focusing on health and happiness.

Today, we are happy to conduct an interview with Leigh.

Good morning Leigh,

Before to start with our questions for BBN Magazine readers, perhaps, you could do a quick Bio to introduce you ?

You are a Bikini competitor and a model. How did you arrive in fitness and bikini activities ?
I am both a model and author. I started in the fitness industry by being a spokesmodel for a well know fatburner and by beg seen in their ads.

Do you think your modeling career has influenced your lifestyle ?
Contrary I feel my lifestyle has influenced my career.
What is your athletic background?
As a child I played  sports but when I became a teen fell in love with track which i participated in for some of my schooling. After track I stuck to weight training at the gym just to keep the body in shape. This is when the gym became my second home for life :)
What are your future goals, dreams and plans?
I would like to go  mainstream in my print work by combining soft fitness physique with fashion in a non intemidating way. I would like to continue to show women it is possible to get their body back after having children as I did after having 4. I would like to continue to help otheres remember the importance of self Love and to help them see they are beautiful with what they consider imperfections. At some point all of the quotes I write I would love to throw in an insirational daily reading small book.
What does your current training and split look like, and what do you like most about it?
At the moment I m training  upper and lower body on separate days with cardio on all days. Right now legs are the only muscle group I am training twice a week whereas the others are only once a week. I exercise 6 days a week and constanly change up something in my routine every 4 weeks. I train both at the gym and outdoors since I am a nature person.
What are some of your best training tips for someone who just wants to look good and get ripped?
1)Love your body
2) try to achive perfection of your own physique and not anothers ince your body and DNA are unique to you.
3) Put in the work (exercise)
4) Nourish your body ( More than half of the reason a persons body image is the wy it is , is due to what they feed it)
5) Do it for you
6) Make a Lifestyle change( this is permant leading to permanat results)
7) Trust your bodytuition ( listen to your body)
What are your favorite meals and foods? Do you use a specific regime to keep a such body ?
I love sushi, greens and almond butter. I listen to my body  so I feed it whatit needs and exercise to maintain what I currently have.
Do you eat specific diet , nutrition or supplementation ?
a specific diet no. I eat what feels right and am a big fan of whey isolate and plant protien such as ones made from Sunwarrior

What is your advice to stay healthy ?
I would say listen to your body. I call it bodytuition. your body knows what is best for you.From the food you put in it to what and how much exercise it needs.
What do you think about esthetic surgery ? Some people are using surgery versus sport. What is your advice ?
I feel the body was born with all the tools needed to get it in shape ans well as maintain. for those using esthetics to remove fat from the body and opting to not change their lifestle, the results are short term. A full lifestyle of putting in the work nourishing the body and soul  produce permanant results. Let esthetics be a second resord after giving your all.
What is your view on cosmetic/plastic surgery? Have you undergone any plastic surgery in the past? If yes, what is it? Where did you undergo the said procedure? If no, do you have any plan to do any cosmetic/plastic surgery in the future? What kind of procedure is that?
Cosmetic surgery im not against if its to add to your beauty and confidence. I have had the obvious breast augmentation in Orlando Fl.
What do you think is the sexiest part of body ? Why ?
a beautiful smile catches my attention and legs follow closely behind.

 Could we share some of your beauty secrets ? How about your skin care ? How do you maintain a healthy looking skin ? Any specific kind of diet ?
I am a big honey and chocolate mask fan. I usually mix raw cocoa and honey and let it sit on my face for about 15.. radiant skin and tight pores. Even better its home made haha
How about the make-up you are using, do you prefer any specific brand? What do you prefer a light or heavy make-up? Do you apply make-up at home?
Right now i use Mac and so far the best I have seen used on my skin to match my complexion. at hoe im all natural with eyeliner and mascara but when its time to put on make up I still prefer a more natural look so light lighter makeup.

If someone wants to contact you, how could he do ?
I can be contacted at my facebook page or website : or or

Thank you Leigh.