jeudi 24 juillet 2014

Interview of Ms Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is originally from Maracay in Venezuela but now lives in Miami, Florida. She is 27 years old, 5’5″ and weighs 120 lbs. Michelle started in 2010 like a Fitness Model with her first cover of magazine in Venezuela. From this date, she is doing a lot of cover for USA, Canada, Spain and of course Venezuela. Different brands are asking her to present their collection and more specially for swimwear. She is currently preparing IFBB Pro Bikini Competition in the way of her fitness lifestyle.

Today, we are happy to conduct an interview with Michelle who is one of the top fitness models in the industry.

1.       Your details are perfect with 91D/61/91, Is it genetic or coming from sport ?

No, that´s not genetic. It comes fully from sport, I was like a stick when I was younger.

2.       What is your method to keep your body’s details ?
Gym between 5-10 times per week and a very strict diet.

3.       You have a passion for sport and fitness. Is it now a way of life ?
24 hours. It has become a life style. And I love it!

4.       You are doing a lot of cover. For which one was the shooting the funniest one ?
The Playboy one. It was my own production. Playboy was chasing me for 2 years but I wasn´t happy with their photographers. I wanted to be proud of the result, not ashamed. So I could choose my own photographer, make-up artist, location and the few clothes I was wearing. We had a blast! And the result were amazing. 

5.       You are doing different style even Glamour. You have no problem in front of the camera ?
No, glamour is fun! There´s always a lot of laughter while we shoot. I´m proud of my body and have no problem showing it off. But Playboy was a one-timer. I don´t feel I have the need to do more nudes.

6.       Where are going for the different shooting ?
I always have plans for what kind of shoot I want to do, and to be able to fulfil those shoots I have to move. And at the same time, I get to see the world!

7.       Which place do you prefer and why ?
Paradise on earth is a place called Los Roques in Venezuela. It´s like the Maldives, but more genuine without all the luxuary. But Italy is undoubtly one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

8.       We could read that you want to become the top girls in USA in Fitness Competition. Why ?
My goal was to be Playboy cover model. So that´s done... now what? I love my new lifestyle and why not make the most of it! I´m sure I can get pretty far. 

9.       Do you want to change your image ?
Not really no. It´s just a change of goal. I´m proud of what I have achived.

10.   Do you use some artifice like superbooster bra ?
I can´t live without the Victoria´s Secret bra called Miraculous. That´s pure magic.

11.   Or perhaps esthetic surgery ?
Oh yes, soy Venezolana! We´re curvy. And if you´re not curvy enough on your 18th birthday, dad buys you a new pair of breasts. The butt is pure muscles, but I had help with my breast. Nothing more.

12.   In Venezuela, the message from the international press is to announce surgery is mandatory for Miss Competition. Do you think this competition need to stay with or without ?
Yeah, it´s craaaazyyyy!!! They have this guy, employed by the association, to look at the participants. Then he writes a list to each and everyone to hand their surgean of what should be done. That has become an industry. You go to the surgean like french goes to the dentist.

13.   You are coming from Venezuela, have an apartment in Miami and are living in Sweden. Important mix. Where do you prefer to live and why ? 
Miami for sure. Miami Beach has everything. 

14.   What is the difference of Beauty between Venezuela, USA and Sweden? Venezuela has got the curves, the moves and the steam. USA has got the mix of many cultures, but Sweden has the most beautiful girls.  Well, they´ve got the poreclain faces but not the bodies.


15.   What are your project for the next 5 years ?

I´m in Miami to start up a new company. I have big plans but I cannot reveal here what it is, someone will probably rob the idea. But it´s something in Fitness. Remember my name, you will see it a lot more in the future!

16. Where can we see more of you?

I update my Twitter ( ), Instagram ( ) and Facebook as much as possible. It´s @michelle_lewin and I have two videos on youtube aswell, well worth seeing. Reflects my personality a bit more than the photos. And of course my website,

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